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Standard Playing Field Dimensions

  • Bases – 70 feet
  • Pitchers plate – 53 feet (from the front of pitchers plate to the rear corner of home plate)


  • Official Bat: Shall be round in cross-section, straight in length, and measure 34 inches long and not more than 2-1/4 inches in diameter at its largest part. Its weight shall be
    at least 24 ounces but no more than 30 ounces. The bat shall have a safety grip of tape or some other material to facilitate holding the bat during the batter’s swing.
    The director at any time may ask to inspect a bat that has been brought into the location of a Legacy Sports sanctioned event. Failure to cooperate with the
    director will result in potential team forfeiture of the event and suspension of individual players. All new stamp bats allowed (usssa, usa/asa, nsa).
  • Official Ball: Shall be a spherical design with a smooth surface. The center or core of the ball shall be of a material and design traditionally used to make softballs.
    The ball must be a 44 core, 400 compression ball. 3 balls will be provided with each entry at the start of the tournament, teams may use other balls during the tournament,not to exceed 44 core and/or 400 compression. 12″ balls used in the men’s program, 11″ balls used in the women’s program.
  • Safety Base: A safety base is optional. The safety base should be in position such that the white portion is located where first base would normally be (in fair territory) and the colored portion (orange) should be in foul territory. Any batted ball hitting the white portion is considered fair and any ball hitting the orange portion is considered foul. On the initial throw to first base from the infield or outfield, the batter-runner MUST TOUCH the orange portion of the base. At umpires discretion, an out call may be called if the batter-runner does not touch the orange portion of the base. The defensive player must always touch the white portion, this rule is in effect for safety, only on the initial play at first base.
  • Shoes: No metal-tipped or steel cleats allowed! Molded rubber/plastic cleats, turf shoes, athletic shoes are legal footwear.
  • Masks: Pitchers are required to wear masks while playing defense, no exceptions, this is mandatory! Any other player may wear protective masks/headgear.
  • Gloves: Legal gloves may be worn by any fielder.
  • Uniform rule: This is in effect for all Championship Play (States & Worlds) events, unless specified otherwise. Teams wearing uniforms consisting of numbered matching jerseys
    will be awarded home team. Jersey numbers must all be different to qualify. In the event both teams have qualifying jerseys, the home team will be decided by a coin toss. This rule is only for championship play unless otherwise stated.
  • Equipment Rule: Equipment shall not be allowed to remain on the playing field during the game, either in fair or foul territory, with the exception of an official warm-up bat or device.